Month: June 2015

The beginning of many creative journeys

I’ve always had a creative mind.

My entire life I have always gravitated towards hobbies and activities that incorporate some sort of creativity. I have been meaning to make a blog for a long time. In the beginning of this year, on January 3, I embarked on my first creative journey. I decided to write a haiku poem for everyday of 2015. At first the task seemed a little bit challenging, but the more I wrote, the more I fell in love with the art form. I have written 161 haikus so far and going strong. It has reminded me why I love poetry and writing in general.

I want to embark on more journeys.

Let this first post be a reminder to keep exploring and thriving from imagination and creativity.

I hope to look back at this years from now and see how much I have grown as a person from my various experiences in life and my artistic endeavors, whatever they may be.

I’ll end this post on a haiku:

Let the memories

be remembered by the ink

bleeding on the page.