Month: December 2015

Haiku #366

And what would we be
if we were given voices
with no one to hear? 


Haiku #365

Continue going
until the feet that hold you 
forget gravity. 

Czeching it Out: Some of My Favorite Places in the Czech Republice

On June 26, 2015, I traveled to a different country for the first time. I spent a month in the Czech Republic. The experience of traveling abroad is something that changed my life. Not only was I exposed to a different culture and lifestyle, but I went to a variety of places and saw different things. Here are some of my favorite places I went.



Znojmo is a beautiful village located in south Moravia, near the border of Austria. A part of the village sits on a large hill and has plenty of amazing views overlooking the Dyje River. Znojmo is also in the center of a very well-known wine region.

Like most of Czech villages, Znojmo is living and breathing history. One of the most interesting parts of the village was the Znojmo Underground. Originally built for defense, it is one of the largest underground multi-level labyrinths in Central Europe. I found it to be very interesting and it is filled with a bunch of folklore and legends.

Český Krumlov

Another one of my favorite places in the Czech Republic is the medieval village of Český Krumlov. While walking around and exploring, I felt like I was in the Renaissance era. Not to mention the gigantic castle towering above when you first enter is incredible.

Encircling the village is a river in which you can take a boat down or swim in. While I went swimming, the river is not that deep, so canoeing might be a little bit more exciting. While this is a major tourist attraction, it is definitely worth visiting. There are a lot of little stores to look at and explore. I spent all day just walking around and looking at everything.


This is a pretty obvious answer to anyone who has been to this beautiful city. If you have not been to Prague, you can not truly say you have been to the Czech Republic. There is so much life, so much to see and do in the Prague. From going to museums, crossing the Charles Bridge, or seeing Prague Castle, you could spend days in this city and still not see everything.

While this one of the most touristic cities in Europe, I would say it is definitely worth the visit. You simply have to see the beauty of this city its rich history for yourself.

Those are my top three favorite places in the Czech Republic. However, there are many, many, more places I could have put on here. If you ever end of in the Czech Republic, I highly suggest going to other cities besides the major ones like Prague. The Czech Republic has so much to offer, and you would miss out if you only went to Prague.